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Date: 8 July 2017, Saturday
Start: 7.00am
Finish: 7.00pm
Venue: Floating Deck, Bedok Reservoir, Singapore (Behind Blk 739A Bedok Reservoir Road next to the reservoir. View online map HERE)
Location of Bedok Reservoir: Click HERE

Event Format
(1) Individual Category
  • Participants may complete as many loops as possible with 12 hours (7am till 7pm).
  • Each loop is 4.3km.
  • Participants must clock a minimum of 12 loops (total 51.6km) within 12 hours to earn the Finisher item(s).
  • The final loop must be completed by 7.00pm on event day.  
  • Any loops done/completed after 7.00pm will not be counted in the final distance clocked.
  • Participants can rest/pause at any time, but the clock will keep ticking.
(2) Team Category
  • Gather a Team of 2 (any gender).
  • Complete a minimum of 12 loops (51.6km) in any format (You may do relay style or run together).
  • Each loop is 4.3km.
  • The Team of 2 must complete a combined total of at least 12 loops within 12 hours.
  • The final loop must be completed by 7.00pm on event day.
  • Any loops done/completed after 7.00pm will not be counted in the final distance clocked.
  • Participants can rest/pause at any time, but the clock will keep ticking.
  • At the end of every lap (1 lap = 4.3km), please report to the Lap/Timing Team where a Volunteer will make a "tick" on your Bib Number Tag.
  • If you decide to stop/finish, please also report to the Lap/Timing Team who will record down your finish time & number of laps completed.  This is to facilitate the tabulation of results.  Failure to do so will result in not having your results.
  • For Individual Category, there must be at least 12 "ticks" on your Bib Number Tag before you may collect your Finisher Items.
  • For Team of 2 Category, there must be a minimum combined total of 12 "ticks" on both of your team's Bib Number Tags.
Participants will enjoy the following items at the Aid/Support Station:

Aid/Support Station
  • There will be 1 official aid/support station, located at the Start/Finish area.
  • You may access it anytime after you complete the loop of 4.3km.
  • It will be well-stocked with water, in addition to the items shown above.
  • Please Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) or Cup to refill.  This is part of our effort to reduce, reuse, recycle.  We will also issue 1 cup if you do not have your own (Only 1 cup per participant will be issued for use throughout the whole event).
  • Professional medical aid & ambulance personnel will be present to attend to your first aid/emergency needs.
BYOB/BYOC (Bring Your Own Bottle/Cup)
  • Let us "Go Green" by bringing your own bottle/cup to fill up with drinks.  This will reduce wastage of cups & it's more environment friendly.
  • We will provide tape & marker pens which you may use to write your Bib Number, Name & type of drink (Sports or Water) and you may stick it on your Bottle/Cup as a form of identification.
  • The BYOB/BYOC counter will be located beside the Aid/Support Station & you may place your "marked" bottles/cups there.
  • We will provide 1 cup per participant if you do not have your own Bottle/Cup.  Only 1 cup per participant will be issued for use throughout the whole event.  Please do not dispose that cup unless it's not usable anymore.
Finisher Items*
  • Finisher Medal
  • Finisher T-Shirt
*Will only be given to those who completed the required number of laps: 
12 laps for Individuals & combined minimum 12 laps for Team of 2
*Please show your Bib Number Tag with the minimum required number of "Marks" for collection of the Finisher Items.
*The Finisher Items must be collected by 7.30pm on event day.

Participant's Entitlements
  • 1 x Race Bib Number with Safety Pins
  • 1 x Event Singlet
  • 1 x Finisher T-Shirt 
  • 1 x Finisher Medal
  • Food - Bread, Nutella, Peanut Butter, Potato Chips, Cup Noodles *Subject to availability* 
  • Fruits - Banana, Watermelon
  • Drinks - Water, Sport Drink, Ice, Coffee, Milo
  • Medical Support & Ambulance
  • Complimentary Baggage Deposit
  • Complimentary Special Needs Deposit (for your race-required items e.g. sunglasses, sunblock, change of clothes, shoes, etc)
Event Day Programme
6.00am - Collect Race Bib with Safety Pins & Event Singlet
6.00am - Baggage counter opens
6.45am - Event Briefing & group photo
7.00am - Start (all categories)
7.00pm - Finish
7.30pm - Souvenir Collection counter closes
7.30pm - Baggage counter closes

Event Site Layout*
*subject to changes