Champion Male Category 2018
Champion Ladies Category 2018
Champion Team of 2 Category 2018

Current Course Record
Name: Wong Hoong Wei 
Number of Laps: 27
Distance: 116.1km
Time: 11 hour 33 minutes
Date: 31 Oct 2015

Name: Neo Lay Peng
Number of Laps: 21
Distance: 90.3km
Time: 11 hour 44 minutes
Date: 16 Aug 2014

6th Edition - 21 April 2018
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Champion - Law Chor Kin (26 laps/111.8km in 11h 48m)
2nd - Dave Lawrence (20 laps/86km in 11h 23m)
3rd - Esmond Choo (20 laps/86km in 11h 39m)
4th - Andy Tan (19 laps/81.7km in 11h 45m)
5th - Joseph Black (17 laps/73.1km in 10h 26m)

Champion - Sia Kui Lan (21 laps/90.3km in 11h 45m)
2nd - Law Wai Thing (20 laps/86km in 11h 15m)
3rd - Neo Lay Peng (20 laps/86km in 11h 38m)
4th - Melissa Loke (17 laps/73.1km in 11h 19m)
5th - Serene Wong (17 laps/73.1km in 11h 25m)

Team of 2
Champion - Power Walkers (Steven Leong & Mark Gan): 39 laps
2nd - No Name (Quek Ee Meng & Gary Koh): 35 laps 
3rd - Bert Racing (Gerry Gosen & Mandy Young): 34 laps

5th Edition - 8 July 2017
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Most number of laps (5th Edition)
Law Chor Kin
25 Laps (107.5km)
11hr 39min

Esther Yong
20 Laps (86.0km)

11hr 42min

Siao Lang (Sng Boon Heng & Handa Lim)
Combined distance - 180.6km (42 laps)
Combined time - 23hr 49min

4th Edition - 23 July 2016
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Most number of laps by an Individual (4th Edition)
Jay Mannle
24 Laps (103.2km)
11hrs 40min

Katannya Kapeli
20 Laps (86.0km)
11hrs 14min

3rd Edition - 31 Oct 2015

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Most Number of Laps by an Individual (3rd Edition)
Wong Hoong Wei
27 Laps (116.1km)
11hrs 33min

Neo Lay Peng
19 Laps (81.7km)
11hrs 34min

E-Certs for 2015
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2nd Edition - 16 Aug 2014
Ladies Solo - 2014
Male Solo Page 1 - 2014

Male Solo Page 2 - 2014
Male Solo Page 3 - 2014

Most Number of Laps by an Individual (2nd Edition)
Yong Yuen Cheng
24 Laps (103.2km)
11hrs 35min

Neo Lay Peng
21 Laps (90.3km)
11hrs 44min

1st Edition - 31 Aug 2013
Most Number of Laps by an Individual (1st Edition)
Ganesh App
22 Laps (94.6km)
12hrs 12min 54sec

Neo Lay Peng
20 Laps (86.0km)
11hrs 33min 40sec