Event Info

Date: To Be Confirmed, Saturday (Subject to approval)
Bib Collection: from 5.30am onwards on race day at the event site
Start/Flag Off: 7.00am
Finish: 7.00pm
Venue: *NEW Venue* Reservoir Vista @ Bedok Reservoir, Singapore (Near to Car Park A, Bedok Reservoir Road. View the location on Google map via HERE.  See below map & photo)

*There will be some modifications to the actual route & distance due to ongoing renovation work on a section of the jogging path.  We will update the modified route & distance as we get closer to the event date.
*Parking charges are applicable at Carpark A.
*View the location on Google map via HERE
Location of Event Site

Event Site - Reservoir Vista @ Bedok Reservoir
Beside the Fitness Station
View the location on Google map via HERE
Event Format
(1) Individual Category
  • Participants may complete as many laps as possible with 12 hours (7am till 7pm).
  • Each lap is to be completed in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Each lap is 4.3km, on gravel & tarmac.  It is flat.
  • Participants must clock a minimum of 12 laps (total 51.6km) within 12 hours to earn the Finisher item(s).
  • The final lap must be completed by 7.00pm on event day.  
  • Any lap(s) done/completed after 7.00pm will not be counted in the final distance clocked.
  • Participants can rest/pause at any time, but the clock will keep ticking.
(2) Team Category
  • Gather a Team of 2 (any gender).
  • Complete a minimum of 12 laps (51.6km) in any format (You may do relay style or run together).
  • Each lap is to be completed in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • Each lap is 4.3km, on gravel & tarmac.  It is flat.
  • The Team of 2 must complete a combined total of at least 12 laps within 12 hours.
  • The Team of 2 can complete more than 12 laps.
  • The final lap must be completed by 7.00pm on event day.
  • Any lap(s) done/completed after 7.00pm will not be counted in the final distance clocked.
  • Participants can rest/pause at any time, but the clock will keep ticking.
  • At the end of every lap please remember to cross the timing mat so that your time can be recorded.
  • For the Individual Category, you must complete at least 12 laps before collecting your Finisher items.
  • For the Team of 2 Category, you must complete a minimum combined total of 12 laps per team before collecting the Finisher items.
Registered/Official Participants can enjoy the following items at the Aid/Support Station, subject to availability & changes:

NOTE: All items provided at the event are strictly only for registered/official participants with the race bib number tag.  Pacers/Supporters are to be self-sufficient & should not take/consume items provided by the organiser as those items have been catered only for registered/official participants who have paid for their entry.  We seek your understanding & cooperation.

NOTE: Tailwind Nutrition is the official sport drink of the Bedok Reservoir Ultra, sponsored by Red Dot Running Company.  It will be available throughout the duration of the event.

Aid/Support Station
  • There will be 1 official aid/support station, located at the Start/Finish area.
  • You may access it anytime after you complete each lap of 4.3km.
  • We will provide the items shown above. NOTE: Some non-essential items will be limited in quantity.  But essential items will definitely be available.
  • Please Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) or Cup or Bowl to refill drinks & other food.  If you wish to have hot drinks, please ensure your cup/bottle can take hot liquid and please bring along your own spoon which can withstand hot liquid.  We will not provide foam cups or plastic cups.  This is part of our effort to reduce, reuse, recycle.  
  • Professional medical aid & ambulance personnel will be present to attend to your medical/emergency needs.
BYOB/BYOC (Bring Your Own Bottle/Bowl/Cup)
  • Let us "Go Green" by bringing your own bottle/bowl/cup to fill up with drinks and food.  This will reduce wastage of single-use cups & it's more environment friendly.
  • We will provide tape & marker pens which you may use to write your Bib Number, Name & type of drink (Sports or Water) and you may stick it on your Bottle/Cup/Bowl as a form of identification.
  • The BYOB/BYOC counter will be located beside the Aid/Support Station & you may place your "marked" bottles/cups/bowl there.
  • As we will provide hot drinks such as milo & coffee, please ensure your bottle/cup can take hot liquid.  In addition, please bring a spoon/stirrer that can withstand hot liquid.
Finisher Items*
  • Finisher Medal
  • Finisher T-Shirt
*Will only be given to those who completed the required number of laps: 
12 laps for Individuals & combined minimum 12 laps for Team of 2
*The Finisher Items must be collected by 7.30pm on event day.

Participant's Entitlements
  • 1 x Race Bib Number with Safety Pins
  • Timing chip with electronic timing & e-certificate (NEW for 2021)
  • 1 x Event T-Shirt
  • 1 x Finisher T-Shirt 
  • 1 x Finisher Medal
  • Food - Bread, Nutella, Potato Chips, Cup Noodles, Hard Boiled Egg *Subject to availability* 
  • Fruits - Banana, Watermelon, canned longan
  • Drinks - Water, Sport Drink, Ice, Coffee, Milo
  • Medical Support & Ambulance
  • Complimentary Baggage Deposit
  • Complimentary Special Needs Deposit (for your race-required items e.g. sunglasses, sunblock, change of clothes, shoes, etc)
Trophies will be awarded to the following who complete the most number of laps in the shortest time:
  • Top 5 Males
  • Top 5 Ladies
  • Top 3 Teams (regardless of gender mix)
Event Day Programme
5.00am - Collect Race Bib with Safety Pins & Event T-Shirt
5.00am - Baggage counter opens
6.45am - Event Briefing & group photo
7.00am - Start (all categories)
7.00pm - Finish
7.15pm - Prize presentation
7.30pm - Souvenir Collection counter closes
7.30pm - Baggage counter closes

Event Site Layout*
*subject to changes

Race Day Notes:
1. All items provided by the Organiser is for usage/consumption ONLY by registered/official participants with the Bedok Reservoir Ultra bib number tag and by Official Volunteers. We hope everyone will honour this rule as we only cater logistics meant for registered participants & volunteers. Please inform your family/friends/supporters/pacers about this. We will not hesitate to retrieve what belongs to the event. We seek your understanding and cooperation. We have encountered incidents in the past where our items were taken by non-registered participants and those are incidents which we definitely do not hope to repeat.
2. Do Bring Your Own Bottle/Cup to help reduce usage/waste of plastic cups. You may place it on the tables provided.
3. Hot water/coffee/milo will be available so you may bring your own cup / flask which can be used for hot liquid. This will reduce usage/wastage of foam cups. In addition, please bring your own spoon/stirrer which can withstand hot liquid so we can avoid usage of plastic disposable stirrers.
4. You may collect your bib number tag from 5am onwards at the event site. You may collect your event singlet at the same time or after you have finished.
5. Bag deposit is available & free of charge. There will also be tables/chairs where you can place your race-needs items.
6. Your safety is most important. Medical personnel & an ambulance will be at the event site to provide medical assistance if you require it. If you see anyone (including members of the public) along the route requiring medical attention, please inform a fellow participant to let us know the name, location & symptoms and we'll get the medical personnel to respond asap. Please stay with the person until help arrives.
7. In the event of lightning/severe weather, we will pause the race until the weather improves. If you're out on the course, do seek shelter until the weather improves. Regardless of how long the pause is, the event will end by 7pm.
8. After your final lap, please report to the Admin counter (where you collected your Bib number tag) to collect your Finisher T-Shirt & Medal.

Thank you.