31 Aug 2013. Photo by Eye-See-Eye-Shoot
Heat & Humidity
With the event taking place from 7am till 7pm, the expected temperature is above 30 degrees celcius.  Humidity will also be high (above 90%).

Some parts of the route are not sheltered/shaded (direct sun on skin) & participants will be exposed to UV Rays.

We strongly advise/recommend any/all of the following precautions/measures to be taken:
1. Sunblock lotion - re-apply regularly
2. Wear a light-coloured top - cover arms if possible (arm sleeves/long-sleeved top which are thin & have cooling-properties)
3. Wear a cap (with face/neck cover if possible)
4. Get into the shade/Remove Clothes/Fan yourself or ask someone to fan you if you feel too hot.
5. Use the cold water mist spray provided by the organiser.
6. Hydrate well & get sufficient rest (7-8hrs sleep) the day before the event.
7. DO NOT Overdrink as that can lead to hyponatremia.  (Drinking more does not reduce body core temperature).  Use thirst as an indicator to drink.

Cap with face/neck cover